17 August 2020

Steep Canyon Rangers: Arm in arm for release in October

North Carolina's Steep Canyon Rangers were in Dublin in March as part of the Steve Martin & Martin Short comedy show, but had the tour cut short by the pandemic before the scheduled show in Belfast. They thank the generosity of their patrons (including those on Patreon) for helping them through the last few months.

Meanwhile they've been playing drive-in concerts and recording their new eleven-track album, Arm in arm, scheduled for release on 16 October, which can be pre-ordered here. A brief warning: it includes electricity and drums (an official video of track 4, 'Every river', is on YouTube). More details are on their e-newsletter.

Woody Platt, the Steeps' lead singer and guitarist, can be seen in a more traditional setting, in a recent video by the fine traditional NC band Carolina Blue, on YouTube and on Bluegrass Today.

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