13 August 2020

More news of past visitors

Alecia Nugent (who was here last summer with her band for a tour that included the Ardara Bluegrass Festival and the last Woodbine Bluegrass Event at Athy, Co. Kildare) will release next month a country album, The old side of town, which includes as a bonus track a bluegrass version of her song 'They don't make 'em like my daddy anymore'. This was released as a single two weeks ago, and can be heard on her website and on John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today.
The Mountain Home Music Company announce the release of 'Leave it at the gate', a new single by Chris Jones & the Night Drivers. The song, written by Chris and the former Night Drivers bassist Jon Weisberger, celebrates having a life outside your job; it can be heard through links on the press release and the band's website, and also on Bluegrass Today.
In addition, Mountain Home released a few days ago a single by the Night Drivers' mandolinist Mark Stoffel (on the right in the band photo above) - the instrumental 'Shadowbands', from his forthcoming album Coffee & cake, which has some intriguing titles (see the press release). The album can now be pre-ordered; the single can be heard here.
Fans of Mary 'Mean Mary' James will be glad to know that an hour-long solo video concert by her can be seen on the Deering blog (she plays a Deering Midnight Special banjo) and on YouTube. Her 'Listen to the mockingbird', by the way, is not the familiar old tune but a song charged with emotion. The video was shot by Johnny Giles for the Black Hawk Folk Society in Wisconsin. There are not many compelling solo singers with a highly accomplished three-finger banjo technique; Mean Mary is one.
Fast Track (right), including Ron Spears on bass and Jesse Brock on mandolin, are releasing now 'Life's highway', a single from their debut album which is scheduled to appear on 11 September. It's a hard-core bluegrass song, originally recorded decades ago by Bobby Smith & the Boys from Shiloh, and this 'new' band of seasoned campaigners in bluegrass deliver it with the strength it deserves. More details are on the Engelhardt Music Group press release.

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