19 August 2020

Greg Blake (USA) signs with Turnberry Records

Thanks to John Nyhan, Greg Blake (USA) is well known to bluegrass fans in Ireland from successive tours, whether solo, with his own Greg Blake Band, or as the powerful lead singer and guitar player of Jeff Scroggins & Colorado - and these are only some of the combinations in which he plays.

The Bluegrass Standard announces today that Greg has now signed on for a two-record deal with its record label division, Turnberry Records, which is headed by Jeff Brown, leader of the hardcore band Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome. The press release has not yet appeared on the web, but both parties seem very happy with the deal. Greg's first release with Turnberry is planned as a solo record, with the second to be with his own band.

Greg launched a Kickstarter campaign at the end of last month, with the aim of developing the songwriting side of his career. Click the link to pledge your support for the campaign.

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