19 August 2020

GHS to supply Deering strings

Deering Banjos announce that from now on, the complete range of strings sold under the Deering name will be supplied by GHS, with new foil packaging and GHS's Nitro-Pack system. An introductory video can be seen on the Deering blog and YouTube. GHS have been supplying their strings to Deering's production line since early this year.

Tomorrow night (Thurs. 20 Aug.) you can watch Jens Kruger and John Moody of GHS talk about strings and answer questions from 6.00 p.m. EDT on Deering's YouTube channel. Jens Kruger comments: 'For an authentic bluegrass sound, the Vintage Light set [9.5, 11, 12, 20w, 9.5] will provide the true feel and tone of the good old days. Clean attack, plenty of volume, distinct note separation, as well as excellent properties for sliding and bending.'

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