16 July 2020

The Hoot - workshops and more from Oldtime Central

THE editors of Oldtime Central (OTC) have just issued their last e-newsletter before their first (online) festival, The Hoot (see the BIB for 24 June), which takes place next weekend (24-26 July). The Hoot has a powerful lineup, with workshops on banjo by Jake Blount and Brad Kolodner; on fiddle by David Bragger and Susan Platz, Craig Judelman, Emily Schaad, and Tricia Spencer; on guitar by Rachel Eddy and Howard Rains; and on harmonica by Seth Shumate.

The latest articles to appear on the OTC since the last newsletter comprise a two-part feature on rhythm bones playing - part 1 by Timothy Jones and part 2 by Dom Flemons.

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