28 July 2020

Something to look forward to - and how!

Following upon the BIB post of 22 July, great news from mygrassisblue.com: preparations are in train to bring Tennessee's Seth Mulder & Midnight Run over for a tour of Europe in May 2022. Dave Byrne jr writes: 

It’s a while away yet, and of course we hope to get our Kristy Cox tour in before it, but in the midst of a year that we’d all rather forget, it’s good to have something to look forward to. These are exciting times for Midnight Run and we’re glad to be part of it.

Full bio details on the band, together with photos, videos, and discography, are here. To bluegrass-friendly event or venue programme directors who would be interested in hosting Midnight Run as part of their May 2022 tour of Europe - please contact mygrassisblue.com by e-mail

PS: See also this positive reaction from Bluegrass Today.

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