01 July 2020

Europe's oldest bluegrass festival keeps on going!

Congratulations to our fellow bluegrassers in the Czech and Slovak Republics, who held Europe's oldest bluegrass festival this summer for the forty-eighth time while festival schedules elsewhere have been in ruins. The Banjo Jamboree, founded in 1973, took place at Čáslav in the Czech Republic on the weekend 19-20 June 2020, with eighteen bands taking part, including several (G-runs 'n Roses, Blackjack, Sunny Side) who have played at Irish festivals.

The board of the Bluegrass Association of the Czech Republic confirmed (just a week before the date announced for the Jamboree) that in accordance with the lifting of offical restrictions, a gathering of up to 500 people would be allowed, and the Jamboree would be organised as normal with extra provision for health safety. Video footage from Čáslav can be seen on YouTube.

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