20 July 2020

Essential reading - Mygrassisblue.com

Dave Byrne jr, Doyle Lawson, Dave Byrne sr

The BIB editor writes:

When it comes to high-quality writing for hard-core bluegrass enthusiasts and by hard-core bluegrass enthusiasts, profusely illustrated with excellent photos, and on a website that's at all times a pleasure to the eye, anyone who seeks to match mygrassisblue.com has got a hard row to hoe.

We can't say enough good things about this website or, indeed, the team's Facebook - do give the latter a glance, even if only to see how many notable bluegrass artists had their birthdays last Saturday. Dave Byrne jr wrote some time back:

We’ve been using the lockdown to turn our attention to the online side of things, and we’re finally getting around to populating the site with our musings. Periodic newsletters, tour news, snippets from the road, bluegrass titbits, interviews, blog posts, and whatnot. Join our mailing list to receive whatever we can conjure up; good stuff whenever we conjure it.

They're doing a great job. Visit the site, sign up, and find out.

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At 3:51 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you as always for the kind words, Richard, and for your unfettered support. Dave jr :)


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