29 June 2020

Two projects commemorating John Hartford

JUST a year ago the BIB mentioned the publication of a collection of 176 original fiddle tunes composed by John Hartford (1937-2001) - a testimony both to Hartford's unbounded creativity and his extensive and intimate knowledge of American fiddle music.

No Depression reported recently on two albums, the first being a significant development arising from this collection. The John Hartford fiddle tune project, volume 1 is a seventeen-track album featuring twenty-four eminent musicians. YouTube audios of two of the tracks are included in the No Depression feature.

Secondly, the innovative, groundbreaking side of Hartford comes out in On the road: a tribute to John Hartford - fourteen of his songs with complete lyrics, performed by another impressive set of eminent musicians. Again, YouTube audios of two of the tracks are on No Depression, together with much more detail. All proceeds from this project go to MusiCares, an organisation set up by the Grammy Foundation to help musicians in need.

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