05 June 2020

New single from April Verch - ONLY TODAY

FANS of April Verch (CAN) should note that only today (5 June) will it be possible to download her new single 'Maple sugar sweetheart' on Bandcamp for $2, as this single will not be available for sale or download again after today. Bandcamp is waiving all of their fees today, so April and her band will get 100% of each download.

April adds that the tune 'Maple sugar', composed by the legendary Canadian fiddler Ward Allen, is considered by many to be the 'Canadian Fiddle Anthem'. Ward's friend Hank LaRiviere wrote the lyrics that turned it into the song 'Maple sugar sweetheart', later recorded by artists including Mac Wiseman.

More news items, plus a photo of April's father making maple syrup, as her family has done for generations in the Ottawa Valley, are in her latest e-newsletter.

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