10 June 2020

Kristen Grainger & True North (USA) to release Ghost tattoo, 19 June

Thanks to Devon Leger of Hearth Music for the news that Kristen Grainger & True North (above) of Oregon, USA, will release their new album Ghost tattoo on 19 June. The album showcases Kristen Grainger's songwriting, which aims 'to craft song stories that illuminate extraordinary aspects of ordinary life'.

The songs on the album range from the perspective of a small-town carpenter ('Jeremiah’s tree') to 'Ghost of Abuelito', about the forcible separation of families by US authorities on the Mexican border; and 'Light by light' and 'She flies with her own wings' about the abuse and disenfranchisement of women in American culture. One track, 'Wishes and dreams', was featured on Bluegrass Today a week ago.

The band (also on Facebook) consist of Kristen Grainger (lead vocals, ukulele), Dan Wetzel (guitar, octave mandolin, banjo, vocals), Martin Stevens (mandolin, fiddle, octave mandolin, vocals), and Josh Adkins (upright bass, vocals). Audiences over here will already be familiar with them, as they've toured twice in Ireland (most recently in April last year) and were due to return in March this year till the pandemic crisis forced a cancellation.

Kristen reports that they have good friends in Galway's We Banjo 3 - Enda Scahill in particular - and Lonesome Highway has published very positive reviews of the band's last two albums.

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