20 June 2020

IBMA Foundation launches Arnold Shultz Fund

THE IBMA Foundation announced yesterday (19 June) the launch of the Arnold Shultz Fund to support activities increasing participation of people of colour in bluegrass music. The fund also commemorates the black Kentucky musician Arnold Shultz (1886-1931) and his influence on the musical development of the teenage Bill Monroe. He also has an important place in the history of country guitar-picking through his influence on a lineage of players from Mose Rager and Ike Everly to Merle Travis and Chet Atkins.

A fundraising concert is to be held in Denver, CO, next Friday (26 June), featuring top-level players from the Colorado scene. More details are at the link above and on Bluegrass Today, where there is an introductory video by Dr Richard Brown. Donations to the Arnold Shultz Fund can be made by PayPal here.

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