09 June 2020

Be part of a national tribute

Music Network announces:

As a tribute to Ireland’s frontline heroes, every adult and child in Ireland is invited to perform 'Ode to Joy (Óid don Lúcháire)', the European Anthem, on their doorstep on Sunday 21 June 2020, European Music Day.

To launch the tribute, some of Ireland’s finest musicians and singers will perform 'Ode to Joy' streamed live from the steps of the National Concert Hall, Dublin, at 6.00 p.m. Once this is finished, the nation’s musicians and music lovers will then be called on to perform their own tribute to all our frontline workers within their local communities, while maintaining physical distancing.

Music Network says: 'All genres and styles are welcome, from jazz to classical, traditional to pop, rock and rap.' It does not say that bluegrass and old-time are excluded. More details are on the Music Network e-newsletter and here.

Update: The Ode is to be played in D, at a metronome setting of 100.

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