03 June 2020

Barcelona finds a way to jam

LLUÍS GÓMEZ and his powerful Barcelona Bluegrass Band were deservedly a regular feature of the much-missed Johnny Keenan Banjo Festivals, and the vigorous Barcelona scene supports many musicians, several groups, the annual Al Ras Bluegrass & Old Time Festival, and the Barcelona Bluegrass Jam.

On Bluegrass Today, Lluís shows both how important jamming is to bluegrass players, and how the Barcelona Bluegrass Jam has adapted to lockdown regulations. In Spain, these now allow gatherings of up to ten people, with masks if social distancing can't be kept. Lluís writes:

Playing our well-known songs [...] together again for about two hours made us happy and recharged our batteries. It is not just about being able to enjoy playing music together, it is also about seeing the unspoken bonds of community in the eyes of friends. [...] The jam yesterday was so much more than just playing music together.

There was the added bonus of bringing the sound of bluegrass to others in the public park where the Jam was playing. Read the whole feature, with more photos, here.

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