16 June 2020

A tonic on YouTube from the Special C.

THE BIB editor writes:

The May 2020 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited announced that BU might have to skip one or more issues because of the unique conditions of this year; but it hasn't happened yet! In the June 2020 issue the lead story is Bill Conger's article 'The Special Consensus and Compass Records celebrate milestones' - and on the cover (left) are the band that has toured Ireland more times than any other in the history of bluegrass music: the Special Consensus.

On the first of this month the Special C. released a video of the title track from their new album Chicago Barn Dance, celebrating the long-running country music show that was broadcast on the WLS radio station before there was a Grand Ole Opry on WSM. This song is a real tonic in audio and even more in video, which can be seen on YouTube or in this feature by John Lawless on Bluegrass Today.

Among other features in this issue of BU: Penny Parsons writes on Les Leverett, doyen of country music photographers; Derek Halsey writes on Kristy Cox, who should have been on tour here in May; and the record review section includes albums by leading old-time and bluegrass artists who have played in Ireland, plus the new release by banjoist Nick Hornbuckle.

Update 17 June: When this post was first published, the June issue had not yet reached me. It came this morning, and the post has been amended accordingly.

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