09 May 2020

Wicklow's Whole Hog Band featured on Bluegrass Today

ON Thursday last Bluegrass Today published a feature by Lee Zimmerman on the Wicklow-based Whole Hog Band (above; also on Facebook). The band is led by Bat Kinane (guitar, vocals), with core members John Treacy (bass, vocals), Cathy McEvoy (fiddle, vocals) and Brendan 'Gilly' Gilligan (drums).

The band's 2014 album Ordinary days consisted of original material, but covers are the backbone of their repertoire, with the aim of pleasing as wide a range of audiences in as many different settings as possible; and to judge by the feedback on their website, they're succeeding.

The range of material they cover is shown by their basic set list of over eighty numbers, plus a dozen jigs and reels; and by Bat's YouTube channel, with separate promo videos for rock and pop classics; country, Americana, and bluegrass; and trad and other Irish songs.

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