04 May 2020

La Roche 2020 cancelled

THE La Roche Bluegrass Festival at La Roche-sur-Foron, on the edge of the French Alps, is Europe's largest festival dedicated exclusively to bluegrass music. A month ago the organisers were still planning for a full festival this year (30 July-2 August), but were prepared if necessary to reduce size and content, depending on the state of coronavirus restrictions.

On 1 May the organisers and the La Roche town council issued a joint press release announcing with regret the cancellation of this year's festival. The full text of the release can be read on the Festival website and on the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) Facebook.

As a small consolation - in place of the previous one-minute video teaser, the Festival website now features a new ten-minute (well, nine-and-a-quarter) film shot by Fred Glas last year, which powerfully conveys the setting, the size, and the community atmosphere of the La Roche Festival. Well worth watching! This film can also be seen on YouTube - look out for a glimpse of Co. Armagh's Cup O' Joe.

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