21 May 2020

Green shoots?

IT'S far from certain that anything like normality will resume soon, but there are a few hopeful signs. On the website of the UK's True North Music agency, all tours up to the end of July are marked as cancelled - but all after that, starting with the George Jackson Band (NZ/USA) in August/ September 2020, still stand.

Fiddler George Jackson, from New Zealand and now resident in Nashville, TN, brought out last year an acclaimed album of new old-time tunes, Time and place, and has been interviewed for Oldtime Central. The touring band comprises (above, left to right) Reed Stutz (guitar), George, Hasee Ciaccio (bass, vocals), and Brad Kolodner (banjo). True North's tour roster for the six months following shows at present six acts, including (for bluegrassers) the Slocan Ramblers (CAN) and Mile Twelve (USA).

And the UK's Brookfield Knights agency announces that one of the bands on their roster, 3hattrio (below) from Utah, came top in an unprecedented three categories of the 2019 Whitstable Sessions Awards, and will be touring in Britain next year. More details are on the BK e-newsletter.

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