21 May 2020

Deering Tech, episode 7

FOLLOWING on from previous BIB posts, Deering Banjos will bring out tonight (Thursday 21 May) the seventh episode of 'Deering Tech Live', where viewers can tune in via Facebook or Instagram and ask Chad Kopotic, vice-president of operations at Deering, any questions about banjo maintenance. This week Chad is to talk about the science of the Deering Smile Bridge*, and how to tell whether the slots in your banjo's bridge could be causing buzzes.

The episode will air at 3.00 p.m. PST (California time), which should be 11.00 p.m. BST. Any questions for Chad to answer can be left as comments on Deering's Facebook page.

*NB: Jens Kruger talks about the science of the Smile Bridge in an eight-and-a-half minute video on YouTube.

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