10 May 2020

BU for May 2020

THE May 2020 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine has a cover story by Derek Halsey on the Steeldrivers. Among the regular complement of articles, reviews, and information, Bill Conger's report on the impact of the pandemic crisis on bluegrass is backed up by this sobering editorial announcement (links added by the BIB):

In our over 50 years of publication, there have been wars, epidemics, and terrorist attacks, but Bluegrass Unlimited has produced an issue every month. In this uncertain and unprecedented time, however, we may have to temporarily suspend publication. Over the next few months, if you don't receive an issue, please check our website, www.bluegrassmusic.com or our Facebook page, "Bluegrass Unlimited Inc.", for updates. Thank you for understanding, and stay safe!

BU normally carries numerous full-page ads for festivals, which have now been cancelled for this year. Other articles include Gary Reid's substantial obituaries of Eric Weissberg and Joe Diffie, as well as Gary's report on the multi-CD-and-more reissue of Rounder's 'The early days of bluegrass' series. The BIB mentioned on 15 April that the reissue set comes with a 200-page book of history, photos, and interviews as well as all the original extensive album notes. We now learn that this book is available separately from Amazon.

BU's review section includes Bill Conger's favourable review of We Banjo 3's Roots to rise live album. A Highlight Review is given by David J. McCarthy to Fingerprints, the new album by multi-talented Australian bluegrasser Rod McCormarck. As an impressive example of his talents, see this YouTube video of McCormack singing Gordon Lightfoot's 'Song for a winter's night', on which he sings lead and harmony and plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar, resonator guitar, and banjo. A three-minute teaser video for the new album can be seen here.

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