18 May 2020

A piece of history

THANKS to whoever sent in the recent question about Dermot O'Connor, as one result has been our receiving this poster image from the justly celebrated George Kaye. It shows one configuration of The Permanent Cure: the musicians (left to right) are Dermot O'Connor (mandolin), George Kaye (fiddle), Detlev 'Squeezebox Teddy' Freyer (accordion), and Tommy Gallagher (bass).

George now lives in Bavaria but has plans to return to Ireland; Tommy Gallagher, originally from Glasgow, now lives near Wolfenb├╝ttel, north Germany. Detlef Freyer, according to George, 'lives wherever he parks his camper, as he has since 1993 when I first met him'.

This version of the band (together with Leo Gillespie, one of the founder members, on guitar) can be heard in this video, with outstanding playing by Dermot and George on 'Twin River Rag'.

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