16 April 2020

Wookalily against isolation blues - and for NHS Charities Together

Wookalily have come together in their individual isolations to produce a Facebook video of 'Welcome to the fold', an Adele Ingram original, with the full lyrics accompanying the video. The band announce:

To help with our isolation blues and stop us going bonkers in our bunkers we decided to keep the music going via the wonderful, but sometimes really annoying, world of technology. We're so grateful for it now and thanks to our Clair for putting this together. Please watch and share! We're raising money for NHS Charities Together so if you've any spare 'squids' please give by clicking on the donate button at the bottom of the video.* We've managed to raise a whopping £150 so far, not quite in the Captain Tom league yet but we're hopeful.

8 windows, 7 instruments, 5 women, 4 houses, 1 band and a suitably apt song about not being able to go outside. 'Welcome to the fold' from our forthcoming album was originally written by Adele while channelling her future self. No it's not about a sheep farm or a witches' coven, lol, it's about growing old and losing the freedom to explore an incredible and wondrous world. We think you'll all be able to relate to this with what's going on now.

Pre-save the album here: https://ffm.to/wookalily

Please try to stay safe and sane everyone! We miss you AND each other :-(

PS. blog coming soon with some isolation tips. Watch out on our website and socials: linktr.ee/wookalily

*BIB editor's note: To donate as suggested, you will need to log in to Facebook.

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