14 April 2020

Two views from the back door

The Bitter Southerner online magazine titles its latest e-newsletter 'Lookin' out my back door', as the lead story, by Jesse Davis with photographs by Jamie Harmon, is on the experiences of families and individuals in Memphis, TN, under lockdown conditions.

By chance, 'Looking out my back door' is the fifth track on Chicago Barn Dance, the latest album from the Special Consensus, which the BIB mentioned on 1 April - and we weren't April fooling. It's a fine album by a fine band on top form; the concept of a tribute to Chicago requires using some material from non-bluegrass sources, but the record lacks nothing that bluegrass should have.

'Looking out my back door' and all the other tracks can be heard on the Compass Records website, and the album can now be bought direct from the Special C's own website.

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