10 April 2020

'The barber's fiddle' from Becky Buller and Company

The BIB editor writes:

The BIB mentioned on 27 Mar. that Becky Buller, who played at Athy and elsewhere early this century with Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike and has since won two Grammy swards and eight IBMA awards, has just released a new single, 'The barber's fiddle', a story of tradition, with many award-winning fiddlers taking part in the recording. The song was co-written by Becky Buller and Lynda Dawson (who played a few years ago at Omagh in a duo with Pattie Hopkins, now of Hank, Pattie, & the Current).

The video can be seen on YouTube as well as on Becky Buller's Twitter and on Bluegrass Today, where there is a detailed commentary by John Lawless and Jeremy Darrow. The main thing, though, is to see and hear it - I can't imagine many (if any) bluegrass fans being unmoved by it. At the very least, it's a reminder of the powerful sound of multiple fiddles.

Apologies to Lynda Dawson, who was shown as 'Linda Jackson'  when this post was first published.

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