16 April 2020

More banjo maintenance from Deering

Following on from the BIB post of 8 April, Deering Banjos will bring out tonight (Thursday 16 April) the third episode of 'Deering Tech Live', where viewers can tune in via Facebook or Instagram and ask Chad Kopotic, vice-president of operations at Deering, any questions about banjo maintenance.

The episode will air at 3.00 p.m. PST (California time), which should be 11.00 p.m. GMT. Any questions for Chad to answer can be left as comments on Deering's Facebook page. For those who missed episode 2, it is being rebroadcast on the Deering Banjos Blog.

Separately on the Deering blog, Jamie Latty posted lasr week advice on 'The importance of banjo intonation'.
Update: It was announced today that Deering have acquired the extensive ProPikĀ® range of thumb- and fingerpicks, which can be browsed here.

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