12 April 2020

La Roche keeps options open

A fair number of Irish acts have played at the great La Roche Bluegrass Festival at La Roche-sur-Foron, on the edge of the French Alps. The organisers at La Roche announced two weeks ago that there were no plans to cancel this year's event, scheduled for 30 July-2 August:

While the medium term future remains uncertain, we do not wish to make a rash decision. We will continue to monitor the situation, follow government advice and post new information when we have any. Meanwhile we are carrying on with preparations for the festival this summer.

On 7 April the organisers announced a strong lineup of bands from across Europe, stating:

La Roche plans for a full festival, but if necessary will reduce it in size and content depending on the CV19 outcome and restrictions.

A one-minute video teaser about the Festival can be seen on its website and on YouTube.

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