11 April 2020

Happy Easter!

The Association Of Irish Festival Events (AOIFE) adopted the image above yesterday as their Facebook cover photo. The BIB responds with this link to the 1931 recording by Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers of what is widely played nowadays as a five-part tune in A under the title 'Little rabbit, where's your mammy?' They recorded it as a medley of two tunes. Anyhow, the picture shows a happy answer to the question.

Thanks to Mick Daly, moving spirit of the Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival, for a sight of AOIFE's Arts Sector Update for April, which does not present happy answers to current problems. It envisages, indeed, a 'cancellation of our events calendar as we know it till late September and possibly to Halloween'. Though the general message is stark, the report also shows that much is being done by AOIFE and the National Campaign For the Arts (NCFA), with international cooperation, to find ways through.

Mick Daly takes a positive stance: 'We still hope to run Dunmore 2020 as an all-Irish festival - fingers crossed.' The Festival has traditionally been held towards the end of August.

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