03 April 2020

Fine instruments - from Poland to Ireland

Thanks again to William Duddy, this time for drawing attention to the work of Polish luthier Piotr Bulas of Bulas Banjos, based near Warsaw. Piotr has already made his Scarabeus model 5-string, with extended fingerboard, for Tabitha Agnew Benedict of Cup O' Joe, Midnight Skyracer, and Roots Revival. The photo above is now the cover image of the Bulas Banjos Facebook, and you can see and hear her and the new banjo on YouTube.

After seeing photos of this banjo, William ordered from Piotr a new custom-built mountain dulcimer, which fortunately was finished and deliveed before the lockdown. He adds that Piotr

... works with his son Michal and was a joy to deal with. It was made in the period after Christmas - with regular messages and pics to and fro to agree details - and, as good fortune would have it, I paid (the very reasonable price) at a time when the pound sterling peaked against the Polish zloty. It's a lovely instrument - see pics below.

William can be heard playing and singing with this strong and resonant instrument on Facebook.

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