08 April 2020

Cup O' Joe in the Bluegrass Standard

Thanks to Nicole Watt in Co. Tyrone for letting us know that an article on Cup O' Joe (quote: 'one of the hottest bluegrass bands') has been published in the current issue of the Bluegrass Standard online magazine, edited in the US by Keith Barnacastle.

The article, drawing on interviews with Tabitha Agnew Benedict, includes a run-through of the band's 2016 EP Bluebirds and an embedded video (also on YouTube and their website) of 'Run run' (one of their least bluegrassy numbers).

The photo above shows Cup O' Joe playing at IBMA's World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC. Behind them is the city's statue of Sir Walter Raleigh, with suitable adornments added for the WOB.

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