31 March 2020

Sweet Sunny South 2020 (UK) postpones advance ticket sales

As the shadow of the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread, the organisers of the UK's Sweet Sunny South old-time music festival, still five and a half months away, announce that in the present uncertainties they have decided not to put tickets for this year's event on sale at Easter:

Of course we earnestly hope to be able to hold the festival in September; however, until we have more information on the future of social distancing and travel restrictions, we cannot bank on this. There are too many variables affecting too many areas: the health and safety of people attending, artists travelling from the US, the availability of hired equipment, and our insurance position in the event of sudden cancellation.

We are discussing as many of the possible outcomes that we can foresee and in the meantime please keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for further developments. Stay healthy and safe everyone, play tunes and think positive thoughts!

A week ago Colin Meadows, the festival's founder, died; no further information is available at present.

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