17 March 2020

Old-time news from Britain

The FOAOTMAD news blog announces cancellations of old-time sessions in Britain. The organisers of the fourth annual Richmond Old Time Music Gathering in the London area, scheduled for 10-11 April with the Dirk Powell (USA) Trio as headliners, announced three days ago:

Easter is four weeks away and a lot could happen in that time. We would like to hope we could still go ahead with the Gathering [...] but we also accept that it may not be possible, or wise, to do so. We’ll maintain contact with our venues and participants and keep you posted with any news. At best, it looks like we’ll be scaling down this year and we won’t sell advance tickets.

Update 29 Mar.: The organisers have confirmed on Facebook that Richmond Old Time Music Gathering will not be taking place at Easter,

but we'll see if we can come up with any alternative plans. We'll post any news here, on Instagram and our e-mail newsletter.

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