10 March 2020

Mygrassisblue.com on Bluegrass Today

'The My Grass is Blue crew have done an incredible job putting this tour together. They are amazing!' That's Kristy Cox's verdict on the mygrassisblue.com agency of Co. Wicklow, who brought Kristy and her band to Ireland last May in the first of a series of tours by bluegrass artists from abroad, and are bringing her to Europe this year in a twenty-six-day tour of eight countries.

Full details are on the mygrassisblue.com website, and the schedule appeared on the BIB on 3 Feb. 2020. The schedule also appears on John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today, together with links to venue and event websites and online booking facilities. Essentially, though, the Bluegrass Today feature is about the mygrassisblue.com team and their determination, enterprise, and devotion to the music.

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