19 March 2020

Mules & Men release 'John Keavney' - and more

Thanks to Luke Coffey for the welcome news that Mules & Men (above) are releasing a new single, ‘John Keavney’, to all digital platforms this Friday (20 March). The release comes in anticipation of the upcoming Roscommon County Line, and includes two other tracks from the album. Watch the official video (with lyrics) here. Mules & Men's press release states:

Mules & Men take a different approach to bluegrass music, with original song writing celebrating the less celebrated parts of Ireland's rural landscape and lifestyle.

'John Keavney' packs a cautionary tale into its two-minute running time. A carpenter from Strokestown who becomes victim to an economic recession, John Keavney funds his wayward lifestyle by selling land that was in his family for generations. John Keavney ends up paying the price, losing everything he holds dear. Be careful, kids!

For the full press release and downloadable tracks on Google drive, please click here. Soundcloud downloadable links: https://soundcloud.com/user-530994629/sets/the-john-keavney-singles. On one of the extra tracks, the press release states:

'Bow Lane West Exit' is an epic ode to Dublin’s famous Liberties district, a consequence of Dublin native Paddy Cummins's involvement (vocals, mandolin) in the group. 'You can talk all you want about Roscommon and the country, but Dublin is where it’s at!', he explained. The avant-garde approach to improvisation in this track draws certain parallels with another young bluegrass artist, Billy Strings. His broad, spontaneous approach to bluegrass, both harmonically and melodically, is changing the approach of many younger musicians and listeners and gaining a foothold in the wider community.

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