21 March 2020

Mules & Men new release featured on Bluegrass Today

Congratulations to Mules & Men, whose new single 'John Keavney' (see the BIB for 19 Mar.), together with two other tracks, 'Bow Lane West Exit' and 'Business', was released yesterday on Bandcamp yesterday as a digital album, The John Keavney singles. The band point out on their Facebook:

If you wanna support with your hard earned the Bandcamp link is there. Bandcamp are giving 100% of the money to us as the artist in light of the current shenanigans. Fair play.

Congratulations also on the feature by John Lawless on Bluegrass Today about the release, which shows the official video of 'John Keavney' and calls it a 'clever video [that] carries the rowdy vibe of this talented young band, with plenty of the Irish love for fun and whimsy... Highly entertaining!'

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