15 March 2020

Irish politics illustrated through bluegrass

Thanks to Niall Toner for sending this photo of a picture published in today's Sunday Times to illustrate talks between Irish political parties: (l-r) Micheál Martin (FF), mandolin; Leo Varadkar (FG), guitar; Verona Murphy (Ind), guitar; Denis Naughten (Ind), banjo; and Michael Lowry (Ind), resonator guitar. As so often in bluegrass photos the bass player is unidentified, but as he's behind Mr Varadkar he presumably belongs to Fine Gael.

It's an inspired choice of imagery, and the BIB congratulates its creator James Cowen. As is only to be expected, the band are at present working on separate microphones. For the sake of the vocal blend, will they adopt the one-mike setup?



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