03 March 2020

March news from Oldtime Central

In their latest e-newsletter the editors of Oldtime Central (OTC) thanks readers for their support and announce that the newly revised festival guide should be ready for release in the next newsletter. New items published on OTC in the last two weeks are:

BIB editor's note: The very latest article to be added to OTC is Hilarie Burhans's 'Clawhammer banjo and the Great Fingernail Dilemma'. As someone whose fingernails suffer from the stresses of clawhammer playing, I find this a very helpful, comprehensive survey of remedies from an outstanding present-day clawhammerist. It's specially useful for anyone thinking of using gel nails, as recommended by Bob Denton of Irisholdtime.com. For my own part, I'm looking for an old ping-pong ball.

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