04 March 2020

Getting an old-time-music film drama seen

The Mountain Minor, the film drama in which old-time music (played live) takes a central part, was released last October and is working its way through a schedule of screenings across the southern and midwestern USA.

Its writer and director, musician Dale Farmer, based the story on his own family's experience of Appalachian life and migration. He describes in his March newsletter the processes of making and distributing the film in a tough market.

... the musician in me kicked in and I decided to self-distribute as if the Mountain Minor was a band. We’ve been partnering with local bands and organisations to hold film events, like concerts, throughout the midwest and Appalachia. It's worked well for us and we’ve stayed pretty busy over the past few months.

These events feature live music before the film is shown, and the newsletter includes two rewarding videos with music from the Buvas (New York) and Brad Leftwich & the Humdingers. The Mountain Minor is also on Facebook.

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