24 February 2020

The EBMA takes a further step forward

Thanks to Eugene O'Brien, chairman of the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA), for a copy of the following message which has been sent to selected EBMA members throughout Europe:

Dear Bluegrass Friends,

As its main priority, EBMA is focused on sustaining and growing European bluegrass by actively promoting European bands, festivals, commercial activities, concerts workshops/camps and any other bluegrass-orientated events or activities.

Having been quiet for some time we now have a new dynamic website, with a musicians network and individual pages for Member Bands and Partners. We have negotiated discounts for Paige capos, Banjo Newsletter, and the Station Inn TV, with hopefully more to come. We continue with Youth Scholarships and are partnering the La Roche Festival with prize money in the European Band Competition.

We are creating a network of national/regional representatives who will be a full part of the EBMA structure; to be the EBMA link at local level for members, festivals and events, as well as being an 'advisory group' for the EBMA Board, and with the power to post directly on the EBMA Facebook pages. Each will have a listing on the website as the National/ Regional Representative.

Some specifics:
  • Identify anything within their country or region that needs to be publicised.
  • Offer feedback and ideas to the EBMA Board.
  • Help with recruiting new members and distributing flyers at festivals and concerts etc.
  • Contribute to the newsletter.
  • Post directly on the EBMA Facebook pages.
  • Identify potential scholarship students.
You have already been approached, or have volunteered, or have even been electronically kidnapped to become an EBMA National/Regional Representative. This is not to be an isolated task but in full coordination with the EBMA Board and the plans for the future.

Please let me know if you are still interested and we can get things going.

Very Best Regards

EBMA Chairman

BIB editor's note: Anyone in Ireland who is an existing or prospective member of the EBMA and wishes to take up Eugene's offer will have the BIB's blessing and support in doing so.

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