24 February 2020

News from Wintergrass (UPDATES)

The BIB mentioned on 12 Feb. that both I Draw Slow and We Banjo 3 would be playing at the USA's prestigious Wintergrass festival, which was held over the past weekend with a star-studded lineup that included visitors to Ireland such as Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, the Special Consensus, Red Wine (I), and the Lonesome Ace Stringband (CAN).

Dave Berry has posted on Bluegrass Today a report on the first day of the festival, with splendid photos by Mary Ann Goldstein that include a particularly nice one of Greg Cahill of Special Consensus with his Deering Julia Belle banjo. Other photos are of Red Wine members: Silvio Ferretti, his son Marco, and Martino Coppo. Silvio and Marco are both interviewed in the text.

The theme of this year's festival is 'Bluegrass without borders', so a mention of the two Irish groups may be in a further report [see below].

Update 26 Feb.: A second instalment of photos by Mary Ann Goldstein on Bluegrass Today includes several nice photos of We Banjo 3 (in what may be the tightest trousers we've seen on a string band) and Red Wine.

Update 27 Feb,: The final instalment of photos from Wintergrass includes two of I Draw Slow.

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