28 February 2020

Kaufman Kamp news (UPDATE)

This is not the ideal time for planning trips abroad, but we know that at least one member of the bluegrass community in Ireland means to attend one of Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamps in the USA this year, and applications should be made now.

The first (Old Time and Traditional Week) begins on 14 June 2020, and Bluegrass Week on 21 June. Full colour brochures and application forms can be downloaded from the Kamp website. Printed brochures are also available; scholarships to attend a Kamp may be granted; and there's a prize for the best T-shirt design.

Steve (also on Facebook) will be conducting his fifth Photo Safari in South Africa in mid November 2020: details are here.

Update 6 Apr.: In view of the COVID-19 crisis, the Kamps have been postponed for a year: the Old Time and Traditional Week to 13-19 June 2021, and the Bluegrass Week to 20-27 June 2021. Prepaid registrations for 2020 can be held over for next year, or payments refunded less an administration charge. Steve adds:

I don't think anything will change for us all in the next month or two, but if a miracle occurs, we will be right back in touch.

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