17 February 2020

IBMA official showcase applications: deadline 29 Feb. 2020

On 20 Jan. the BIB carried an announcement from the IBMA that bands wishing to reform in the offical showcase schedule at this year's World of Bluegrass (29 Sept.-3 Oct.) could send in applications from 3 February. The band illustrated on that announcement was Boston's Mile Twelve, which has more than one connection with Ireland.

The IBMA now sends a reminder that the deadline for receiving applications is 29 February - and as shown above, the band illustrated this time has had links to Ireland for even longer. It's the Special Consensus (Greg Cahill's jacket and Rick Faris's hat are clearly recognisable). The Special C. will celebrate forty-five years since the band's foundation with a reunion concert in Chicago on 24 October this year. In the last twenty-five years Greg (who was inducted into the SPBGMA Preservation Hall of Greats this year) has brought the band to Ireland many times.

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