30 January 2020

Wooden banjo armrests from Deering - and others

The Deering Banjo Company announce their range of wooden armrests for banjo (right): 'Available in a range of wood options, these armrests are a direct replacement for any standard Deering armrest and a great alternative if you suffer from nickel allergies.' They fit any banjo with twenty-four hooks on the rim.

Wooden armrests from different makers have been on the banjos of high-profile pickers in Ireland for some time, notably Paddy Kiernan (Lands End, Pine Marten, Niall Toner Band) and Tabitha Agnew Benedict (Cup O' Joe, Roots Revival, Midnight Skyracer). As well as the advantages given by Deering, we gather that the picking arm is both more comfortable and more efficient with a well made wooden armrest.

The enterprising and innovative Banjolit outfit, based in the Czech and Slovak Republics, have 'original' and 'mini' lines of armrests in different woods, plus a special model designed to fit any top-tension banjo with a standard 11-inch hoop and twenty-four brackets; it will work also on a 'traditionally tensioned' banjo.

The original Banjo Revolutionaries, Nechville Musical Products, make armrests for both 11- and 12-inch pots. They are compatible with conventional hook-and-nut style banjos, as well as instruments made with Nechville's patented Heli-Mount system. Armrests from all three sources appear to be priced around $69.00, with some of the Banjolit range at $64.00.

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