10 November 2019

Yet more news of recent (well...) visitors

L-r: Leroy Troy, Gina Furtado, Bill Evans

This is the fourth day of the 8th Annual California Banjo Extravaganza Mini-Camp, featuring this year three outstanding banjoists, all of whom have played in Ireland - two of them pretty recently.

The Extravaganza is conceived and organised by Bill Evans, who toured here more than once a few years back. With him are Leroy Troy, who (thanks to the mygrassisblue.com team) was touring here with his Hillbilly Trio two months ago, and Gina Furtado, who at about the same time was touring with Chris Jones & the Night Drivers. Bill has them all backed by some of the leading West Coast bluegrass musicians. More details are on Bluegrass Today.

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