15 November 2019

Rick Faris releases Breaking in lonesome (update)

in the spring and summer of this year, Rick Faris, guitarist for Chicago's Special Consensus (who made their nth tour here in January), released singles from his coming album Breaking in lonesome. The album has now come, as reported by David Morris on Bluegrass Today, where you can hear clips of all the tracks. Morris judges the album 'a gem that should find a home in many collections'. Congratulations, Rick!

Update: More detail is on this press release from the Dark Shadow Recording label.

As reported on the BIB earlier this week, Nick Dumas, mandolin player for the Special C., will be playing his last show with the band next month, and Nate Burie of Wisconsin will be taking over as from the beginning of 2020.

Update 18 Nov.: Rick's official video of the title song 'Breaking in lonesome' can be seen in John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today, and on YouTube.

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