13 November 2019

JigJam prepare to Hiberniate (stet)

Jigjam (Jamie McKeogh, Cathal Guinan, Daithi Melia, and
Gavin Strappe) with Charlie McGettigan (centre)

JigJam, who ended a very full year of touring with their four dates in Ireland last week, announce in their latest e-newsletter:

When we began planning our world tour almost eighteen months ago the one absolute certain was that we wanted to finish our touring year performing at home. Every Irish group has the same feeling. We tour all over the world and rarely get to perform in our local areas so, for us, to finish our tour with an Irish tour was really special. But we could have never realised the response we would have gotten from the audience and media in Ireland.

Sold-out shows ranging from amazing sit-down theatres in Cashel and Mullingar, an intimate gig in wonderful Dundalk, and an absolute RAVE in Dublin city! We want to thank everyone for their support and all the radio stations, newspapers, and local people that made our tour something we won't forget. Thank you everyone!

A link is also included to Charlie McGettigan's Eurovision-winning composition 'Rock 'n' roll kids' (which can be imagined being played by the Seldom Scene, let alone New Grass Revival). In January the band will play an eleven-show tour in Germany; details are on their website and Facebook. Soon after, they will be official showcase artists at the annual Folk Alliance International Conference in New Orleans (22-26 Jan.).

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