13 November 2019

Greenshine for Christmas gig at Leap Castle, 29 Dec. 2019

L-r: Noel Shine, Ellie Shine, Mary Greene

Thanks to Tom Stapleton, veteran promoter of acoustic music, for the news that the Christmas gig at Leap Castle, Co. Offaly (between Birr and Roscrea, Co. Tipperary) on Sunday 29 December will feature Greenshine. Tickets can be reserved by 'phone (087 2238040).

Tom and friends made the long trip from Roscrea to this year's Omagh festival, and the experience inspired him to poetry, culminating in a tribute to Brian O'Nolan ('Myles na gCopaleen'). Here's an extract:

... Enjoy the music while we share
A perfect pint, a cause for wonder
And let a burger slake the hunger.

Sun on wet leaves starts to flicker
Bow on strings and banjo picker
Put sweet music in our souls...

So here’s to Danny and to Sean
and the friendship that has grown
With their humour and good grace
That took us to a different place

Home by streets of sweet Strabane
Where the Mourne meets the Finn
Where the sculpture of the writer,
He who makes our journeys lighter,

Reminded of his wiles, we smile,
At what we owe to Myles.

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