20 October 2019

Last show of the Adams & Staats tour TONIGHT

Tonight (Sun. 20 Oct.) the ninth and final show in the tour by Brandon Lee Adams and Johnny Staats, organised by mygrassisblue.com, will take place in the Asgard Theatre at 34/5 Lower Main St., Arklow, Co. Wicklow (above Kenny's of the Harbour Bar).

As well as being the last show in their tour, it's also the nearest to Dublin - the proven difficulty of getting an audience in the city for a bluegrass event ruled out a closer venue. It is known, however, that there are lovers of great bluegrass guitar-playing, mandolin-playing, and singing in Dublin; and Arklow is really not that far away by car down the M11. The video above shows Adams & Staats nailing 'Road to Columbus' and 'John Hardy' in an informal setting.

Tickets for the Asgard can be booked via this link.

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