05 October 2019

Kathy Barwick interviewed on Bluegrass Today

The latest in Dave Berry's 'California report' series on Bluegrass Today is a long interview with award-winning multi-instrumentalist Kathy Barwick, touching on her life in music, influences, bands, composing, arranging, and teaching, plus three videos including one showing how she plays the five-part 'Little rabbit, where's your mammy?' on guitar. On her tours over here with Pete Siegfried, she says:

We’ve done three tours in Ireland, and they’re always so much fun! We do small venues and house concerts. The people are just fantastic, and we love the country. And they really like American music! In fact, our last album was named after a song written for Pete by Northern Ireland’s fantastic singer/songwriter, Janet Henry.

Guitarists wanting to learn cross-picking can get the fifty-three columns Kathy wrote for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, collected and reprinted in book form. Take note: elsewhere in the interview, she reveals:

In terms of learning additional instruments, mostly I adapted what I knew on the banjo to guitar and dobro. I’m pretty much thinking 'banjo' all the time.

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