25 September 2019

'Last wolf on the mountain' from Niall Toner and Paddy Kiernan (update)

Thanks to Niall Toner for the news that 'Last wolf on the mountain', a song written by himself and Paddy Kiernan, can now be seen on YouTube (and above). Niall introduces the song on YouTube:

Wolves were very common in Ireland for at least forty thousand years, until in the 1700s, due to complaints from sheep farmers, a bounty was placed on their heads, and hunters came from all over Europe to seek them out and kill them for cash reward. They were eventually wiped out totally, and the last wild wolf in Ireland was killed near Fenagh, County Carlow.

I wrote this song with Paddy Kiernan, a wonderful young banjoist from Dublin, and it tells the story from the wolf's perspective. The original inspiration came from a beautiful piece of writing by John McKenna on RTE Radio One's 'Sunday Miscellany'.

Niall also announces that the next Dublin gig by the Niall Toner Band will be at the Wild Duck theatre bar and music venue at 17/20 Sycamore St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2, on Sunday 20 October.

Update 3 Oct.: See this more detailed feature about the song, by Richard Thompson on Bluegrass Today.

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