24 September 2019

A reminder of the Slocan Ramblers (CAN) tour, 22-7 Oct. 2019

Following upon the BIB post of a week ago, thanks to Geraint and Deb Jones of G Promo PR for a release on the forthcoming tour of Toronto's hot young traditional bluegrass band the Slocan Ramblers in these islands next month, organised by the UK's True North Music agency.

The dates they'll be playing in Ireland, as shown in the release, are the same as those shown on the BIB post and on the BIB calendar - except that G Promo PR, like True North and the band's own tour schedule, assume that the Balor Arts Centre must be in a town called 'Balor'. (To be fair, this is not the most misleading location to appear recently on a visiting band's schedule.)

The release makes up for this with links to videos of the Ramblers playing 'Mississippi heavy water blues', 'Sun's gonna shine in my back door someday', 'Mighty hard road' (with clawhammer banjo), and 'First train in the morning', and audio tracks 'Hill to climb' and 'Just to know' from their album Queen city jubilee.

The Ramblers have a lively schedule at IBMA's World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC, with two showcases today, five performances tomorrow (Wed.), and a major concert on Thursday.

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